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New look, new menus. Come back often for daily and monthly specials!

The menu at the M&M Lunch is so large it requires a full-time intern to maintain it. Well, not exactly. But with daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner specials, not to mention a dazzling array of desserts (more on this later), the M&M Lunch has something for everyone- provided you have a pulse. Unrivaled value, small-town feel, and food to fill a family, come by and see for yourself why regulars and travelers alike choose the M&M.


The M&M Lunch sits on a scenic bend in the West Twin River, right on Washington St (Highway 42). Your ride to work, or the Door County has this stop built right in.

map of mmlunch area


mmlunch restaraunt

The M&M Lunch in Two Rivers, WI has been owned by Leigh & Judy Stegemann since 1977. Our menu is full of favorites for fishermen and family alike. We pride ourselves on serving quality homemade food at reasonable prices, with daily lunch, soup and dessert specials. Make sure to stop in Friday night for our all-you-care-to-eat fish specials, fresh from the Lake. And if you're curious, a group of fishermen will entertain you with fish tales and culinary reviews.

mmlunch restaraunt

You know those towering dessert cases that have been largely replaced by fast-food, drive-in, exhaust and pavement service windows? Well, we still got one. Packed full of home made tortes, parfaits, pies, bars, cupcakes, fruit, and cheesecakes. This one is running on empty, but a restock is never far away. Always fresh. And we serve Cedar Crest ice cream, malts and milkshakes still in the tin, and more!



The MM Lunch is kid-friendly environment, with special menus, highchairs, crayons, coloring activities, sippy cups, an ice cream scoop with every meal, a crane game, and a bouncy ball game. Oh, and smiling hamburgers. You'll see that guy on the top of the site quite often. Kids (and maybe you too) will love watching the boats and ducks travel down the river while you eat. Here's a fun activity you can do with your kid right now, and in the restaurant.



Here's a small list of the businesses and organizations that choose the smiling hamburger!

  • Point Beach Nuclear Plant
  • Dominion Nuclear Power Plant
  • Two Rivers High School
  • Tramontina US Cookware, Inc
  • Lakeside Foods
  • Manitowoc Crane

Contact us today, we cater for 30 to 1000, with pickup orders of smaller sizes too. Don't shop a big-box deli, order to your liking today! Reach us at mmcatering@mmlunch.com

If you are planning a fundraiser for your organization, contact us and learn about how you can get a percentage of our cash register if you host your event at the M&M Lunch!